Modern warfare
Headcam footage from Syria
‘Call of Duty’ video game overlay

Final Frontiers
Live screen recording of a live streamed ISS space-walk during 2017 eclipse 
a live stream from Everett, US. Where a local business owner set up a camera to film homeless people


An ongoing series of video collages exploring the end of our world. 

Mother Of All Bombs
Footage of the largest non-nuclear bomb dropped ever dropped. 
Audio of the ‘FRB’ fast radio burst, an unusual signal received from space at roughly the same time

Mobile Strike
Footage from the new video game commercial that former Governer of California, Arnold Schwarzenegger, promotes
ISIS footage of their bomb attacks

SelfieScreen recording exploring the #videoselfie on Instagram.  Uploaded to Youtube, using the face blur effect

Truthseekers4K Footage of the earth from space by NASA ( saved repeatedly until the quality is as above )
audio from a ‘Flat-earther’


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