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Recognising our incomprehensible acts of savage normality

Sculptural works for ARE Holland residency

The works in this show examine and untangle ordinary objects laden with nuanced meanings and untidy histories. Their supply chains and extensive development backgrounds often ignored or unquestioned. These products or materials are so mundane and neutral that it seems as if they don’t exist. Yet, they didn’t simply appear out of nowhere…

Online and offline, we all participate in trying to summarise the intangible experience of self-aware existence using limited character allowances in non-contextualized spaces. I dream of simple axioms that allow us to find peace and justification for our lives. However, the more I consume, the less it seems that any existence can be pure. Despite this longing for simplicity, it is the complexity of our modern world that makes it so culturally rich. Perhaps it’s time to embrace the confusion and stop searching for definitive answers and purity. Maybe there can be no more axioms, and perhaps that, in itself, is liberating.

ARE Holland
Enschede, Holland


Rob Blake
Wilhelminenhofstr. 92
Berlin, Germany

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