Growth Hackers (140x105cm)

Uproot the system (140x105cm)


Paintings and Science Fiction

This series paintings explore the utopias that we are soon to enjoy, forged through the hard work of startup teams and their marketing tools and sales aggregators. The large colourful images are rendered naively, as if painted by the teams themselves, drawing from the aesthetics of idealised and innocently misogynistic stock imagery. We see the positive business groups as they see themselves, developing business incubators in the jungle, or in breakout rooms by the ocean. We are given a glimpse into the counterintuitive dreams of these agile change makers and self made CEOs, keen to canonise a moment of perfect team synergy and optimal sales growth.

Proud of their innovative insight-driven teammates, they have eloped and formed their own communities. Working on their laptops in the wild, hitting their targets and uprooting the system.

For we who work a corporate 9-9 and attend climate protests on the weekend. What artificial futures await us, when we have astroturfed the amazon?

The paintings give a sense of the multiple realities from the ongoing series of science fiction short stories. Through the perspectives of various flawed, uncomfortable or likeable characters, the stories play with the contradictions of individualism and shared ethics, capitalism and self-improvement against the backdrop of the coming apocalypses with optimistic cynicism, empathy and humour.

Family culture (140x115cm)

Big data synergy (140x125cm)

Dynamic upscaling (140x110cm)

Agile changemakers (140x105cm)
Fireside chat (140x110cm)

Exhibition poster


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