200 million years into the future.
A2 plotter drawing


Maps of the future

This is a series of maps of the earth 150 - 250 million years in the future. Based on the work of paleographer Prof. Christopher Scotese and his series of animations showing the movement of the tectonic plates from Pangea to ‘Pangea Proxima’.

The drawings are based on interpretations of Youtube videos, including all of the compression artifacts and irrelevant colour information.  The vectors are then produced using a plotter, a machine widely used by architects in the past. The strangely anachronistic machine/robot holds a real pen, and is uniquely positioned between our analogue past and an automated future.  

As the tectonic plates that we’re riding on continue to drift over the earth our geography will change. One day Cape town will touch Rio. I find it exciting to think about the earth itself as something unfinished and in motion, at a time when political borders dominate our perception of the planet, the reality is that even the land itself is in flux and ever-changing.

230 million years into the future.
A2 plotter drawing


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