Exponential Growth


Exponential Growth is a series of mandala-like animations, exploring complex themes around control and order through hypnotically beautiful and deceptively appealing shapes and colours. In each work, the individual elements are drawn from the speculative designs of graphs, charts and accumulators, the visual language of internet platforms used to visualise profits, losses and market movements. Designed to entice new users and encourage further adoption, the artworks in the series mimic these suggestive and easy-reach aesthetics and echo the fetishisation of money-making, particularly in the crypto space. Visually, the works refer to the Victorian tradition of collecting and arranging Diatoms – groups of micro-algae that make up a significant part of the worlds’ biomass. Microscopic in size – most Diatom slides measure only 1 mm in length and could only be viewed with the aid of a microscope – this act of arranging and cataloguing reflects the nineteenth-century desire to impose order and exercise a colonial control over nature. Applied to the frontiers of the digital era and the gamification of contemporary society, the works in the series draw a parallel with our times and the insatiable need to understand and exploit these volatile new markets.

Available as NFT here on Art Dahai
Exponential Growth #1

Exponential Growth #2

Exponential Growth #4

Exponential Growth #3


Rob Blake
Wilhelminenhofstr. 92
Berlin, Germany


+49 (0) 15214051605