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This pop series of patterned waste products looks at the complex tragedies and successes of modern consumerism. Although we can now clearly see the terrible effects of the wild consumption of the last 50 years, it has been admittedly enjoyable for us in the richer parts of the world.

Time has caught up with us. We’ve burned and exploited the world's resources, with evident results, as things seem to be moving in EINWEG. The images here also depict a very personal time, they are the ephemera of lives lived. In the scraps that remain, we see the intimate traces of our fellow humans - leftovers of artificially grown creatures, discarded machined objects, smoked cigarettes.

We think of waste as being created by the reckless and ignorant behavior of the unknown other. But with every leisurely cigarette, wholesome family meal or intimate fuck; landfills grow, meter by meter, covering the most beautiful parts of our planet. As life gets harder for us who have been spoiled for so long, we may look back on this time and realise we should have worshipped our supermarkets and their endless clean shelves replete with affordable luxuries.

2.9.2022 - 1.10.2022


Rob Blake
Wilhelminenhofstr. 92
Berlin, Germany


+49 (0) 15214051605