Kingdom, 2020
Cardboard boxes, cement, broken glass

Brand Strategies


The works in this show look to accept the political victories of hate and fear and the recent failures of love in shaping our world, as the internet pushes us into a new era that ideologically resembles the dark ages. Perhaps we must accept the outright victory of capitalism, as we enter a new yet familiar time of men and fear and hate - of foreigners, of science, of women, of other.

We will build walls with our new technologies. We will trumpet our slogans and truths. We will hoard our wealth and display it out of reach. We will arm ourselves and puff up our chests. We will destroy opposition with ignorance. We will each build our kingdoms and each of us will achieve success! Our personal brands will become famous and wealthy and beat all the other rival brands. And we shall have taken back control and we shall be free.

SeeStrasse 49, Berlin 
14th - 28th Feb, 2020

Fountain, 2020
1c coins, shelf

Violently trying to connect, 2020 HD video

Small change, 2020
Washed 1c coins, canvas, wood

Success, 2020
Emergency blanket, two industrial fans, light, spraypaint

Drone, 2020
Self made speakers, 5.1 sound install, artificial wasp sound

Vanity, 2020
Mirror, 1c coins

Dog money, 2018
Pine gun rack, dog sticks


Rob Blake
Wilhelminenhofstr. 92
Berlin, Germany

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