Forever Young

Speculative fiction novella. 

‘FOREVER YOUNG' follows the devastating consequences of a remarkable hand cream developed by a group of science students in Lahore. The cream’s inevitable ecological impact leads to a change in balance of power as the product proves far too successful…
In a time when the future seems to promise only extinction, the story presents an alternative vision, where an abundance of life spills out of the pages.

‘Picking his way over the verdant roof, amidst the ever-present cries of birds and the sound of cockroaches crunching under his feet, Jonathan forgot all about the days before, as if he had always lived here in the flooded city, surviving on a diet of reptiles and otters.’

or on request. 

Cover design: Alexis Snell

Chapter 1 read by: Nkech Nwokolo

It often ends in violence

vol.1 | vol.2 | vol.3 | vol.4

An ongoing science fiction short story series.

These dark, hopeful, funny / not funny stories interrogate the dynamics of contemporary life in new and unexpected ways. The diverse narratives explore the dynamics of contemporary life and the ever-shifting axioms that underpin our loud but obscure motives. Themes of justice, self-help, consumerism, ecology, toxic-positivity, and societal expectations unravel in vibrant landscapes, weaving a complex tapestry of modern existential thought.

Plastic crabs emerge from the dead oceans, a kickstarter campaign is launched to assassinate the richest people on earth, a former environmentalist hunts and eats the last of different species, Tamagotchi 2 is far too advanced, Balenciaga design the new uniform for the European Army….

Or on request.

Stories read by: Nkech Nwokolo

The sun

The wind


A display font based on the shape of Apotheke windows. Exhibited at Das Gift, Berlin.  ( Full Alphabet


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